Plan Your Stay


Rates / American Plan

3 days, 3 nights…$2696*

4 days, 4 nights…$3095*

5 days, 5 nights…$3495*

6 days, 6 nights…$3695*

*Float plane trip from La Ronge included

Extra days: $550
Extra night, including meals $300

Large or Corporate Groups

Ruffo’s Sportsmans Lodge welcomes corporate groups and groups larger than 30 people. For more information on planning your large or corporate group stay please contact us for arrangements.

Reservations – Deposits of $1000 per person required for each reservation, and is refundable only on 30 day notice of cancellation.  Please be specific on arrival and departure dates.

Get more details and book your Northern Saskatchewan, Canadian fishing experience by calling U.S. Representative Bohm Townsend toll free at 775-741-4539

Equipment List

(download as PDF)

1.  Rods:  7’ –  8 ½’ medium heavy or heavy casting or spinning rods for northern pike and lake trout. 7’ to 7 ½’ medium action for walleyes.

2.  Reels:  Casting or spinning reels.  Heavier for pike and lake trout.  Medium to light for walleyes.

3.  Line:  20-25 lb. monofilament or 30 lb. braided  for northern pike and lake trout.   10-15 lb. for  walleyes.

4.  Steel Leaders:  12” 45 lb. leader, any brand.  6” 30 lb. when using lures for walleyes as many times big pike will hit these lures and you can lose them if you don’t have a smaller steel leader.  If you would like to use a titanium leader, either 50 – 70 lb.   These can be ordered at www.jacksonlures.com.  Ed Jackson is the owner and is very helpful.

5.  Pike & Walleye Lures:


Daredevil 1 oz. 5 of Diamonds, and red & white

¾ oz. Daredevil 5 of Diamonds and red & white

Mepps Syclops – 1 oz. gold and red, chartreuse, hot chartreuse, and  silver ordered with  single hook.  (Page 27 Mepps catalog)

Johnson Silver Minnows, 1 oz. and ¾ oz.  in silver and chartreuse with tiger stripes

Len  Thompson 1 oz.  5 of Diamonds yellow with black dots and orange with black dots, copper back.   These can be ordered at www.lenthompson.com.

We suggest that you replace treble hook with a 3/0 single hook so you can dress your spoon with a trailer.   We suggest Zoom split tail 5” white and chartreuse.  We have also been successful with 5” Reaper tails in 5” pearltreuse and pearl.  These can be ordered from Bait Rigs  at www.eBait.com.   There are many other manufacturers of spoons and if you have one you particularly like, you should include these also.    These trailers should also be used on Johnson Silver Minnows.


Mepp’s Musky Killer Spinners – chartreuse with a red tail,  white with a red tail with silver or bronze blade.  Orange blade musky killer available in two colors located on page 32 of the Mepps catalog.  These can be ordered online at www.mepps.com.   We would also recommend Mepps Magnum Spinners, same colors.

Crank & Stick Baits:

Husky 600 Series Cisco Kid (shallow lip).  These come in a variety of colors – silver & red, redhead, fire tiger, yellow, purple & black, etc.  These can be viewed at www.suick.com.  We have caught a lot of big fish on these lures for many years.  These are 7” stick baits.

Rapala large original floating shallow running stick baits in various colors – silver, gold, chartreuse with tiger stripes.  These again are 7” baits and seem to work very well.

Rattletraps:  these come in ½ oz. and ¾ oz. and can be used for walleyes or northern pike.  There are larger ones that can be used for pike.  Once again, these come in a variety of colors and are available in most tackle shops.   You will need some smaller crank bait type lures for walleyes.  These can be a little deeper diving model.  If you would like to fish top water, any large top water bait such as Husky Jerk, Zara Spook or large Poppers  will suffice.   Once again, there are a lot of stick baits and crank baits on the market and if you have a particular favorite, you should use it.


3/8 oz. chartreuse, red and orange heads.   These should be dressed with 3-4” Mister Twister type tails.  Tail colors should include chartreuse, watermelon with black fleck, and Kallins Summer Craw  (secret weapon).  Trailers are available in most bait shops but Kallins is a product of Uncle Josh Baits and can be ordered online.

If you wish to fish for lake trout, you will need to bring 1 ½ oz. jigs in a variety of colors – green & gold, red & white, white & blue.  You can also catch lake trout with jigging spoons of the same weight (1 1/2 oz.).

Soft Plastics:

There are a variety of new soft plastic baits made by major manufacturers.  These need to be at least in the 6” long variety.  One of our favorites is the Banjo Minnow.  For pike you need to order a Big Fish Package with includes a 6” and 9” Banjo Minnow.    These have to be ordered online at www.banjominnows.com.   These have worked well for many years.  They come with a 5/0 curved hook – you will need more than one.  These are excellent when fishing in weed beds just under the surface of the water.  Once again, any favorite soft plastic bait can be used.

Fly Fishing:

If you like to fish with a fly rod, nothing is more exciting than catching a big northern pike on flies.   We recommend an 8-10 weight rod, preferably 10, with an intermediate sinking line and ample backing.   For walleyes,  a 5-8 weight rod with a sinking line and an 8-10 lb. tippet should be sufficient.  You will need a fly line steel leader of 12” for pike and at least 6” for walleyes.   A variety of flies can be used for walleyes- 2-4” closer minnow-and leech patterns are most productive.  For pike, large flies from 4-8” and a hook size of 1/0-4/0 are recommended.  Patterns of large tarpon flies, harper streamers, whistlers, deceivers, large leech patterns are all popular.   If you wish to fish top water, poppers and gurglers work great.  You, of course, need a floating line for this application.   Our fly fishermen consistently catch large pike and walleyes using these methods.   This is a very exciting way to fish.

If you are unable to find the larger lures at your local tackle store, which may be the case, there are three tackle stores in Saskatoon that will have what you will need:

The Fishin Hole

805 Circle Drive East


(306) 665-7223

Wholesale Sports

2828 Idylwyld North


(306) 931-4475


East Circle Dr.


If you need further information or have questions about what you should bring, please call Bohm Townsend, U.S. Representative, at (775) 741-4539.