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The Schindler Family

The Schindler family at Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge invites you, your friends and your family to come and experience an unforgettable, first-class fishing vacation with us in Canada’s North.  Ruffo and his family have been the owners and operators of Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge in beautiful Northern Saskatchewan, Canada for more than 20 years.  You don’t stay in business that long unless you are doing something right, and love what you do.  Excellent fishing, exceptional cuisine, friendly staff and fully modern accommodations are just a few of the reasons why our name has become synonymous with quality and service and why Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge is one the preferred fishing lodges in Canada.

Incredible Fishing

Whether it’s the fast-paced action of the scrappy walleye or the adrenalin rush of going head to head with a massive northern pike, the waters around Sportsman’s Lodge have it all.”Fabulous” might be the best word to describe the fishing on the historic Churchill River, but it doesn’t do justice to this mighty northern river, which is really a maze of lakes and streams that stretches across a thousand miles of the Canadian Shield and has perhaps the best fishing in Canada. It has long been famous for its northern pike, lake trout and walleye. As a guest at Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge you will have the opportunity to fish the lakes and rivers of one of Canada’s most productive waterways.

2013 Guest Testimonials

This was my second trip to Sportsman’s Lodge and I can say you would not believe the endless water and fabulous fishing.  The guides are the best.  In one day I caught a 47″ northern as well as a 45, 40 and 39″.  On the same day I caught a 26″ walleye and two 24″.  Needless to say, I will be back.

Bridge C.
Ardmore, OK

On this year’s trip to Sportsman’s Lodge,   Ruffo and I had the pleasure of hosting The Syndicate Outdoor Television Show, During the trip, we caught 54 big pike from 36 to 46″ and walleyes too numerous to count between 3 and 10 pounds.  The trip was fantastic and once again Ruffo and his staff provided extraordinary personal service.  Will be back the same time next year – can’t wait!

Bohm Townsend, long time customer and U.S. Representative
Reno, NV

Bohm and Ruffo,

Jason and I had a great time,  We are still talking about it.  It is hard to
imagine we caught fish that big. Jason had a hard copy made of his 44″ pike
and put it in his office.  Everyone that saw it thought it was a photoshop
product.  They couldn’t believe he caught a fish that big.

I also want to thank you and your family for such great hospitality.  It
made our time there even more special.  It will be one of our biggest
selling points to the people we know of how we were treated by very genuine,
special people.

God bless you both.  It was a pleasure to meet both of you and thanks for
your help in making it an adventure we will remember for a lifetime.

Bob and Jason
Littleton, CO

For all you Chicagoans that think Saskatchewan is too far-It’s not!!! We had a 9:00am flight out of O’Hare and was in camp at 7:00pm pm eating a delicious dinner in the lodge.. You can’t get to Ontario or Kenora this fast!!  If the desire on your next fishing trip is of a more adventurous type-fishing rapids, portaging, boat rides up class 3 type waters than this place is for you. Having fished many years in Ontario & Manitoba I can honestly say this place is different and worth the trip for those that want a unique outdoors experience combined with fantastic trophy fishing for Walleye & Pike. Also ask for Roger as your fishing guide as he would often say “big Momma’s” in this spot…….

Lasting memories will be provided by this trip-Guaranteed!!!

PS Ruffo’s one in a million…..

Dan O.

This was our best trip ever for lots of BIG fish.  Altogether, the four of us caught thirteen fish over 40″ in five days of fishing.  I got lucky and caught the biggest, a 47″er.  We’ll be back next year to try for the elusive 50″er.


I was last at Sportsman’s Lodge 35 years ago and the fishing was great. On this trip, we caught a lot of fish as usual.  My next visit will be much sooner.  Great trip!

Terry W.
Shawnee, OK

Finally I (Rex) caught a 44 inch and before I could get it in Greg caught a 45 which was the big fish of the trip. If you need any more pictures of fish, lunches or general sight seeing let me know.  Thank you again for a top notch trip.

Fort Smith, AR

Me and my dad were part of the OH Buckeye Brigade. 10 eager fishermen, hunting for that big catch. Long story short, we had a fabulous time. Never caught more 40”+ pike on a fishing trip. Each of us landed a master pike. Biggest catch was a 48” monster fish.

Thanking Ruffo, the guides and that wonderful staff.

Kind regards,
Perry and Theo W.

I don’t know how we could top this trip and what a great 10th birthday present for Carter with 40″ plus pike and some really big walleyes.  We will be back next year for sure.

Thanks again, Ruffo for a great time

Mike & Carter M.
Edmond, OK