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A truly unforgettable fishing vacation awaits at Ruffo's Sportsman's Lodge

The small waves of the lake rock the boat so gently.  There’s the whirr of your fishing reel as you cast into the clearest lake water you've ever seen. As you stare off at the pine and birch trees on the shore, you haven’t even noticed that your shoulders are the most relaxed they’ve been in years. The slight whistle of a cool breeze blows through your hair and you start to get lost in thought until there’s that slight tug on your line--SET THE HOOK -- FISH ON!!!

Bring the dream world to life. Big fish and relaxation come together in the ultimate fishing vacation at Ruffo's Sportsman's Lodge located in La Ronge, Northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

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If on your next fishing vacation you would like to catch 40 plus inch northern pike, 3-5 pound walleyes until your arms are numb and 10-20 pound lake trout, look no further!

Bohm Townsend U.S. Representative of Ruffo's Sportsman's Lodge

We had such a great time that this guys trip might have to be our new tradition!  Pearl cooked meals so good most chefs in Chicago would be jealous.

The Walter Family

Canada is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful places I have ever been to in my life.  The hospitality of all the people at Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge made me feel like I was at a second home.

Jon T.

There is a lot to be said about destinations that offer so much diversity that at the end of your trip, you can’t wait to book your return visit before you load bags into the floatplane for your trip home.

Kent Danjanovich Senior Editor Sportsman's Warehouse Journal

What a great way for a father and son to bond as men.  My son and I caught over a dozen Northerns 42 inches and over!  Of course our fishing success would not have been possible if we hadn’t the best fishing guide in Canada.

John H.

My absolute most cherished memory will always be catching my 23 lb., 47 inch Northern Pike!

Travis M.